Les Portes Tournantes

Ces Enfants D'ailleurs

Lance et Compte-telefilm


Dogs World

Alys Robi (telefilm)

Audrey Hepburn

Confessions of a Dangerous Mind

Isn't She Great

Varians War

Music Hall 2

The Score

Willie Lamothe

The Day After Tomorrow


The Reagens

Patty Duke Story

Felix Leclerc

Les Choix De Sophie

Jack Paradise

The Aviator

Elvis Gratton 3

Monica La MItraille

Ma Vie En Cinemascope

The Terminal

The Greatest Game Ever Played

Vice Cache

Les Bougons

Histore De Famille

Jeans Fate

Spiderwick Chronicles

Casino 2

Blue Mountain State

Malenfant Prod.

Gerry Boulet Movie


UpsideDown Prod.

On The Road

Bye Bye 2010

Andre Mathieu (Rented over 20 pianos, including all uprights and most grands in movie.
Along with consulting and building modified pianos/keyboards for various unique angles filmed in movie)

We also have our pianos in the following music videos...

Sue Medley "Maybe the next time"

Les B.B. "Donne moi ma chance"

Paul Piche "La haine"

Gowan "I'll be there in a minute"
(Also filmed on location in our workshop!)

La Boutine Souriante

Boom Desjardins

Ariane Moffat DVD

The Stills (filmed in shop: "Being There",
Modified piano for: "I'm With You")

Imposs "Monte Mes Gardes"
(filmed in Shop)